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Experiencing Sonos Roam (Before anyone else in SG)

Experiencing Sonos Roam (Before anyone else in SG)

Ever been so excited for a movie to launch, you sign up for the preview release? Well, we get the same butterflies in our stomachs just before Sonos Roam dropped. We know fellow Sonos fans have been dying to hear it first-hand too. So we thought, “Why not? Let’s get them exclusive access to experience Roam!” 

As a major distributor for Sonos in the region, TC Acoustic is constantly innovating on the average audio shopper’s experience. We're no stranger to consumer pop-up events (even in pre-pandemic times).

This time, we transformed our co-working space into an event floor. Every segment and corner of the room was planned to bring out the key features of the speaker. Each session with a maximum capacity of 8 pax, we made sure we held enough sessions for every Sonos fan to join. 

Here are the key takeaways from the event:

Small speaker, big sound

Sonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Small Speaker Big Sound

Sound Swap – Transfer music to the nearest speakerSonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Sound Swap Feature


Portable (Weighing only 0.43kg, that's about the weight of a can of coke!)Sonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Light and Portable


Durable (Drop-resistant design) Sonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Durability and ruggedness


IP67 Rating – WaterproofSonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Waterproof portable speaker


IP67 – Dust-proofSonos Roam Demonstration Listening Event (Pre-Launch): Dustproof Portable Speaker IP67 Sand


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By: Michelle C.