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TC Acoustic is officially one of the best companies to work at in Singapore

TC Acoustic is officially one of the best companies to work at in Singapore

On 2 December 2021, TC Acoustic was awarded #2 in Singapore’s Best Workplaces™!

This is the secret to our 1,500+ five-star Google Reviews: Happy staff = Happy customers! 

We are only able to be Everyone’s Favourite Company, when we are first our employees’ favourite company.

TC Acoustic was featured as one of the top 30 best places to work in Singapore on the Straits Times

Straits Times: 30 firms recognised as best places to work in Singapore

What is Great Place To Work™ and why are we so excited?

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Through a rigorous process of surveys and internationally-recognised benchmarking, TC Acoustic was certified earlier this year.

Entering the awards for the first time, we are honoured to have got to earn a place among the best of the best. It’s like we’re at the “Oscars” for HR! We couldn’t be more proud to have made it so far! 

What was the award ceremony like?

Besides the honour of being shoulder-to-shoulder with Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat himself, the team were mostly on the edge of our seats awaiting the results.

Here’s a peek into how our senior leadership team felt throughout the event!

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A post shared by Christian Honegger (@chrishonegger)

“Often, companies prioritise a big ROI to the owners & shareholders. But what is MOST important to our owners is best described by a quote from our director, Tan Seow How, himself:

A great business is not just built by people.
A great business builds people.”

– Christian Honegger, CEO

In our company, we are intentional in building people. More than business goals, we put People Above Profits. We put Relationships Above Revenue.

We believe in empowering our staff with the time and the money to pursue the causes they believe in. In fact, they have an additional 7 days of leave to do so! 

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A post shared by Tan Jian Ming (@jianmingtan)

“No doubt… Disneyland may be the happiest place for kids, but TC is the best place to work at! 🔥🔥🔥”
– Tan Jian Ming, Head of Culture

Culture has always been something that we have scrupulously focused on and built in TC. In fact, when we onboard newer TC staff, we would always ensure that we impart the heart, culture and values that are an intrinsic part of our company.

We would share our TC Core Values with them, and share stories that speak volumes about our company’s culture and heritage.

We would have Good News Meetings every Wednesday morning, to encourage our staff and share countless stories of employees being empowered. Even the youngest and newest staff have their ideas contributed.

At TC, there’s also neverending buzz and life in our office ⚡️! From 11.11 to 12.12, we would have fun together while working hard. That’s the kind of culture you’d see in TC. 

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A post shared by Regine Tan (@reginetan)

“​​My key takeaway? This award is proof that a for-people company works.”
– Regine Tan, Head of Finance

Even when it didn’t make business or financial sense, our company directors would still make decisions with people in mind. 

In fact, to encourage the staff who had worked so hard over the Pandemic season, our company directors granted the staff a ‘stress and suffering bonus’ - just to bless them! They didn’t take a single cent for themselves, but chose to encourage the staff first - that is simply unheard of. 

Whether it’s in the form of an interest-free loan for a newly-wed staff, or #TCcares where we helped our freelance employees (and ex-employees!) tide through the Circuit Breaker period – this award shows that a People-First company is possible! 

For more behind-the-scenes of life at TC, stay tuned to our social media! 👀
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