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Guide to a tech-savvy home (for non-techie music lovers)

Guide to a tech-savvy home (for non-techie music lovers)

You love music. You love good sound. But the tech involved in a good speaker system is too intimidating. Thankfully, Sonos has got you. The leading multi-room audio system brand is here to deliver on great sound, and the convenience of an automated smart home (without the complicated tech). Here are 3 ways Sonos multi-room audio enhances your daily life.

1. Never miss a beat

You're watching a football match but you need to pop to the kitchen for a quick refill. 

When you have a multi-room speaker system, you can connect your TV soundbar with other speakers in the home.

Just group your speakers from different rooms together so you don't miss out on a word of the action. With a few taps on your Sonos App, or by pressing and holding the play/pause button on the speaker you wish to sync – it's that easy!

2. Send an announcement to every room

"It's time for dinner!" 

With Google's voice assistant, you can simply tell it to "Broadcast <message>, and it'll be sent to every room.

Similarly, commands like “shout,” “tell everyone,” or “announce” works as well.

You can even go automate it to be a Family Bell, so you don't have to do it daily. No need for raised voices around the home anymore.

Learn more about voice assistants and Sonos speakers here.

3. Sync all around the house cafe-like experience

Studies show that “Music is unique in that it appeals to different psychological functions. It can trigger exactly the same areas in the brain that food and other recreational activities can trigger."

Which essentially means, good music and good food makes the dining experience a whole lot better.

In fact, the next time you visit a cafe in Singapore, look out for their speakers. If it sounds great, there's a pretty good chance they're using Sonos.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what a smart home sound system can do to improve your life. 

If you're interested in starting your Sonos Home System for yourself, we have great news! Join our Sonos Group Buy.

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