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The Ultimate Holiday Movie Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Movie Guide

Bright blue and white lights lining the sky, the smell of cinnamon and cookies in the air, bustling crowds walking by, the sound of buskers singing merry tunes along the streets of Orchard Road, Marina Bay and the like - that’s what Christmas looks like to many of us.

Christmas Wonderland with Christmas lights at Gardens By The Bay SingaporeSource

This year, it might look a little different. 

No crowds, no buskers and no family strolls down the streets of Singapore adorned with Christmas lights. 

But Christmas isn’t about where you are - it’s about who you spend it with.

Maybe this time, Christmas looks alot more like the fragrance of roasted potatoes, pigs in blankets and smoked ham filling your humble abode. 

The warmth of gingerbread cookies filling your stomach (and your heart). 

The petite Christmas tree furnished with pretty ornaments from top to toe. 

The hearty laughter of a family that is accompanied with heartwarming, sentimental Christmas movies.

Singaporean Family Christmas DinnerSource

Spend the best season of the year with your favourite people. And here’s a list of movies to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

(Read till the end to check out something really exciting! 👀)

#1: Christmas Flow (Netflix)

Christmas time calls for romantic movies that leave you feeling fuzzy inside. Here’s a recommendation that isn’t a singular movie, but rather a Christmas themed series. 

Featuring a rather unlikely romance between a famous rapper and a journalist, this is a series that’s perfect to watch with your bestie or your special someone on Netflix Party.

Netflix Series Christmas FlowSource

Watch it in the comfort of your own room, and delve deep into the movie world with high quality earphones that transport you there!

Marshall Mode II is a great option - with 25 hours of wireless playtime, you can binge every episode till the wee hours of the morning.

Marshall Mode IISource

With lifelike sound, these earbuds make you feel like you’re right there, watching every moment unfold. (Perfect for a romcom like this which gets you hooked right away!)

#2: Frozen (Disney+)

Disney movies are classics - timeless, iconic and revolutionary. Frozen is one such classic and if you ask me, it definitely has Christmas vibes. It is the perfect animated show to watch as a family. 

If your children or nephews and nieces want to host a Christmas party for their friends, this is the movie to opt for. 

Featuring mystical trolls, a hilarious snowman and a quest to break an icy spell, it is a highly engaging and enthralling movie for all age groups. 

Elsa and Anna GIF (Frozen)Source

No one’s too old or too young for Disney.

Hint: Make the movie party experience even better by adding a snack bar and using a home theatre system - transport your guests into the cinema and get their senses to be enthralled!

The Sonos home theatre system is easy to set up, and it sounds incredible too! It's the perfect home theatre for every season, Christmas and beyond! 

Sonos Home TheatreThis is a Sonos 5.1.1 Surround Sound System - that means it has sound that doesn't just envelop you from left and right but even above and under you! 

With a home theatre system like this one, you'd never really feel the need to go to a cinema. (And your friends wouldn't either - so get ready for more guest requests!)

#3: Harry Potter (HBO Max)

The first movie in the Harry Potter series definitely screams “Christmas!”. 

8 Harry Potter-Inspired Holiday Traditions You Can Start This YearSource

With scenes of feasts in the Great Hall in Hogwarts, to gift-unwrapping scenes in the Gryffindor tower, it’s a great series to watch with fellow potter-heads as the holiday season draws near.

And once you start on the first movie, I doubt you’d be able to stop! So get your friends and family ready for a Harry Potter movie marathon.

If you’re watching it into the early hours of the morning and your house doesn’t have the thickest walls, don’t fret.

With Sonos’ night mode, it reduces the vibrations of the bass so that your neighbours won’t complain! 

The Ultimate Guide to a Sonos Home Cinema | TC Acoustic

At the same time, you can also turn on speech enhancement mode so that you don’t need to toggle with the volume button when there are explosions and dialogues happening one after another - Sonos makes incredible sound easy and convenient for you.

#4: The Polar Express (Hulu)

If you’re in the mood for a holiday adventure, catch The Polar Express

how to watch the polar express 800Source

It’s an adventure movie that follows a young boy who enters a journey of self-discovery as he travels on an extraordinary train to the North Pole.

It gets even better when you use a soundbar like the Sonos Beam Gen 2. With Dolby Atmos added, it takes surround sound to a whole new level. 

Sonos Beam Gen 2 BlackSource

More than watching the Polar Express zoom past, you get to feel like you’re right there. Get ready for all the action to be around you, almost like you're the one who hopped on to a rickety train ride. 

#5: A Christmas Carol (Disney+)

A Christmas Carol’ is just as essential when it comes to Christmas movies, as ‘Jingle Bells’ is when it comes to Christmas songs. 

Based off a play about a mean-spirited and selfish old man who hates Christmas, watching this movie is a tradition in many households.

A Christmas Carol film sceneSource

Whether you’ve watched it or not, switch up your experience with a Klipsch Cinema 400! It’s a soundbar that has a golden legacy just like this movie. 

Klipsch Cinema 400 SoundbarSource

With crystal clear sound, strong bass and fine tuned audio, it simply makes everything sound better.

So no matter how many times you watch this classic movie, you'd never get sick of it because that high sound quality would immerse you in a way you'd never have imagined.  

Need more movie recommendations?

Fill up this checklist of movies to watch this holiday, and fill your days with merry Christmas joy and laughter!

You can also book a demo to our upcoming Sonos flagship store, Wheelock store, to find out more about Sonos and what movies are a must watch with it!

Checklist of Holiday Movies 2021

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