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Using Sonos Legacy Products

Using Sonos Legacy Products

If you’ve got queries regarding Sonos’ Legacy Products, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned while our Serving Happiness team brings you through the FAQs regarding them! 

Firstly, what is a Sonos legacy product?
Sonos legacy products are products that can only operate on the Sonos S1 app. They are no longer in production and they don’t have the memory or processor to support new software features or updates.

What can I do with my Sonos legacy product?
Don’t fret! You can continue to use them separately on your Sonos S1 app. And if you want to move on with the times and upgrade, you’re in luck! Sonos has provided the option for you to trade-up to a new speaker.

Wonder what this trade-up option is all about?
When you trade-up your legacy product to a new speaker, every legacy product that you have will entitle you to get 30% off a Sonos product! (The Sonos Bridge is an exception though - you can only trade it up for the Sonos Boost.)

Interested in doing a trade-up?
Head over to our live chat at and we’ll be there to help you out! Don’t worry, there aren’t any bots around on our chat either - just our helpful and hardworking Serving Happiness team!

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