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Boom. Bowers and Wilkins is here.

Boom. Bowers and Wilkins is here.

When creativity strikes...

TC Acoustic has got to say yes! 

Last month, after TC Acoustic was appointed the exclusive distributor of Bowers & Wilkins Next Generation products in Singapore and Malaysia, we held media events in both countries! 

And boy, must I say… it was off the roof! Literally. If you’d seen our reel we posted on Instagram, you’d realise you got a bird’s eye view of the foyer entrance space in The Starhill, KL. *cues reel*

Watch what went down during the media events

Found the shape of the set-up familiar? Yup. When one of our staff suggests turning a whole event space into the shape of the Bowers and Wilkins flagship speaker, Zeppelin, we … said YES!  Not only that, the set-up lasted for a week, garnering interested eyes and curious shoppers. You couldn’t turn away! 

And back at homeground (Singapore), we had a makeover in our Experience Centre to rock the iconic Bowers and Wilkins colours and aesthetic. 

Topping the experience off – the engraving station!

Many of the media got their very own names engraved on their Pi7 S2 True Wireless earbuds they walked away with.

We can’t help but say the event was a success! If you were there in person for both media events in Singapore and Malaysia, you’d know that there were just smiles…


and more smiles!

Hear it for yourself!

New in our stores are the Bowers and Wilkins products. So if you want to hear it for yourself, book an appointment to hear a live demonstration and you're in for a treat!

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