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Emberton Limited Edition
Daniel Leong
Unexpected Gem in small package

This is the first time considering this brand, previous designs were too outdated to consider but this was something different. It was small and compact but the sound really blew me away when I first heard it. When they came out with the limited design I did not hesitate to get a second one for my other room. Never regretted this brand and purchase since. Also with TC, they were professional to introduce without any pressure and even test the sound for me although it was not the first time I have experienced this.

T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds (McLaren Edition)
Danny Koh
Almost perfect but still room for improvement

The design was supposed to be dust and water resistant for the case but the case battery indicator is inside thus I need to keep the lid open to know when charging is complete and this leads to dust settling inside.

Cinema 400
Phil Hudson
Very good

Service was awesome, product great

Sandeep Jagadeesh


Klipsch The Fives
All good!

Awesome service and speaker!

Excellent sound quality.

Been using the Cinema 800 for a week now and i must say the sound and built quality is exceptionally good. The clarity of the bass really exceed my expectations. Good job Klipsch and TC Acoustic for bringing in the best speakers on the market.

Congrats on getting your hands on the Cinema 800!! We are so happy that you are enjoying it! It is our pleasure to bring the best to you!

One SL
Phyllis Neo

The sound is great, so is the convenience. However, it keeps getting intermittent breaks in between when it's playing from the TV. I can't seems to figure out what is the issue with it.

Klipsch Cinema 400

hassle free online transsction. unit delivered the following day.
The unit itself is bang for the bucks! great sound quality. easy to setup.. "dialog" feature is pretty amazing.. now i can hear those conversation crystal clear! thanks!

We love the Dialog feature on Cinema 400 too! Thanks for the ratings!!

Klipsch RP-500C
Zaid ABR
Crystal clear sound for vocal!

Pair this with RP-500M, it sounds great! Voice that goes through the center speaker sounds clear. It has enough bass with sound stage. Superb value.

Klipsch RP-500M
Zaid ABR
Solid sound for movies

This speaker may be small, but with high sensitivity, any amp can easily drive this. Sound is great for a large living room. Bass may be a hit and miss (depends on your taste), it is slightly lesser than the bigger brother 600M. It doesn't sounds overpowering! It is superb sounding for its size!

R-120SW Sub-Woofer

The R-120SW really produces the low notes well both in my music and movies. It frees my Klipsch the fives speakers to play the mids and highs better.

Great choice on the R-120SW Sub-Woofer! It is truly a class of its own!

Klipsch The Fives
Crisp, Clear, Powerful Speakers

A pair of beautifully designed speakers which packs a powerful bass yet delivering crisp and clear audio quality. Never disappointed with Klipsch speakers!

Sonos beam gen 2 superb

Magnificent piece.... the sound marvellous... i really love it.... superb...

Thanks for the kind ratings on the Sonos Beam!!! We are so happy you are loving it!

Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar
Barkin Yazicioglu
Klipsch Cinema 800

Excellent value for what it is especially with 2 HDMI input and 1 HDMI earc passthrough which rivals provide at much higher price level. A breeze to setup and get going. Sound is great but EQ options are limited. That's my only complaint

Wow!! Congrats on getting your hand on the Cinema 800! It is like bringing the theatre experience back to the comfort of home!

Sonos Roam
Chuah Song Shan
The best Bluetooth speaker 2021

Great sound at home and any where you are

Thanks for the kind review on the Sonos Roam!! We are so glad you are loving it!

Beam Gen 2

Superb sound! Even with the recent increase in price by sonos it's worth every cent ! Thought the sound from it is coming from a bigger soundbar

Thanks Edwin on the review of the Sonos Beam! Yes, the Sonos Beam is indeed worth every cents!

Don Koh
Good things come in small package

Klipsch always deliver. You don't have to spend big bucks for great value. TC Acoustic staff very helpful and patient too.

Review on Klipsch T5 II True Wireless

The product is good. The staffs have provided their great assistance to get this product on hand. The bass of the product is good and the casing is very nice!

We are so happy that you are loving your new earphones! Do feel free to reach out to us anytime, we are ready to serve happiness!

Freddie Ng

Very satisfied with the purchase of the Arc. Really help to amplify the sound across our living room. Highly Recommended

Sonos beam Gen 2

The sound is marvellous

Congrats on getting your hand on the Sonos Beam 2!! Enjoy the speaker! :)

Sonos Roam
Nicholas Chan
Sonos Roam Purchase

Bought a Sonos Roam a week back and it’s soo amazing! Have been using it a lot throughout the past week and it definitely has surpassed my expectations for what it can do!

Personally own a Klipsch speaker as well and am super satisfied! Love the products and love the amazing customer service that comes along as well!

Thank you for the review on the speaker! So glad its exceed your expectation! We look forward to assisting you in the future purchases as well!

Sonos Five
Steve Dixon
Failed to get the Sonos Five to connect

Product, delivery and service was great. My only issue is that I cannot get the speakers to connect, which I believe may be a issue with the StarHub supplied router so I will have to wait until I have changed my wifi network to test the speakers.

Hello Steve! So sorry for your experience! Do reach out to us via chat so that we have an opportunity to assist you in enjoying the Sonos Five Speaker!

Sonos Roam
Mark Lee
Great product!

Works well, with great sound as I hoped!

Thanks for the awesome review on the Sonos Roam Mark!

One SL
Geoffrey Soh
You really need these for the back speakers

Folks, don’t be fooled by the small size. The deep tight bass will surprise you. I hooked these up as back speakers (with an Arc handling the front and ceiling portions). Amazing how they enhanced the overall Atmos effect. Highly recommended for a 3D sound stage.

Sonos beam gen 2

Good Audio especially for a small room.
The only setback is only one hdmi slot.

Thanks for the review for the Sonos Beam!!!