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Marshall Woburn III
Audrey Au-Yong
Powerful sound from a compact speaker!

Love this Marshall speaker amplifier….you can feel the bass as though you were listening to a live performance. I bought the Woburn III after purchasing the Willen, and wanted something more powerful to stack it with! But found out later that it doesn’t need to stack with anything else. The Bluetooth connection also makes it super easy for anyone in the household to pair their phones or devices to. Have no regrets with these Marshall speakers!

S Arivazhagan R Subramaniam
Sonos Arc & Sub

The Sonos Arc & Sub combo is mind blowing… super true sounds for home theatre.

Sonos Era 300
Kumar T
Awesome pair of Speakers

Nice design and awesome speakers.. white color choice was a good move.

Era 100
Mason Wong
Compact and powerful

The sound of Era100 is strong and powerful even in this small form factor.

Marshall Middleton
Tan Boon Ping

Marshall Middleton

Era 100
Simon Tam
Great Sound

Love the beautiful sound and the ease of connection. I could group it seamlessly with the rest of my Sonos system to enjoy music throughout my apartment. Voice control works well with a simple “Hey Sonos”, would be even better if it could take more commands.

Sanus Stand for One, One SL (x2)
Charlene Angela Zeng
Sanus Stand for One

I'd like to express that Sonas truly offers exceptional products. Thank you, and I'll continue to support them and recommend them to my friends as well.

Marshall Willen
Sai Hoo Lai
Perfect speaker for cycling

Had this for cycling, the sound quality is awesome for it's size. The strap also makes it easy to hold onto the pole of the bicycle

Simon Tam
Easy to Connect and Hide Away

I have a pair of B&O active speakers and I was looking for a solution to stream music to them without a big AVR or pre-amp. The Sonos Port turns out to be an excellent solution. It’s small so I could hide it where it’s hardly visible, but at the same time it could stream all my online music through to my speakers seamlessly. it was very easy to set up and connect too. I’m loving it.

Sonos Era 100
Eugene Lim
An Era of Sonic Bliss: Sonos Era 100 Speaker Review

I recently embarked on a journey to elevate my audio experience, and I can confidently say that the Sonos Era 100 Speaker has exceeded my wildest expectations. This sleek, powerful device has truly transformed the way I listen to music, and I'm thrilled to share my thoughts on what makes it an exceptional addition to any audio setup.

Design and Build Quality (5/5):
From the moment I unboxed the Sonos Era 100, I was captivated by its modern and minimalist design. Its compact form factor seamlessly blends into any room, and the premium materials used in its construction exude quality and durability. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design, from the sturdy aluminum casing to the finely tuned speaker grilles. It's a true testament to Sonos' commitment to both form and function.

Sound Quality (5/5):
The heart of any speaker lies in its sound performance, and the Sonos Era 100 does not disappoint. This compact speaker packs a punch with its rich and immersive soundstage. The audio quality is nothing short of remarkable, delivering crisp highs, deep lows, and a well-balanced midrange. Whether I'm streaming my favorite tunes, watching a movie, or even indulging in a podcast, the Era 100 consistently delivers an audio experience that is second to none. The bass, in particular, is surprisingly impressive for a speaker of its size, filling the room with deep, resonant tones without any distortion.

Connectivity and Ease of Use (5/5):
Setting up the Sonos Era 100 was an absolute breeze. The Sonos app guided me through the process effortlessly, and I was up and running in minutes. The speaker seamlessly connects to my Wi-Fi network, and I can control it from my smartphone, tablet, or even voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The integration with popular streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, is seamless, allowing me to effortlessly play my favorite tracks with just a few taps.

Marshall Minor III
Angelica Marvida
Minor lll

Iblove the product!

Beam Wall Mount
Shukor Abdul Ali
Purchase of Beam Wall Mount

Great experience of purchasing
the Beam Wall Mount at TC Acoustics.

Sonos Era 100
Barry Oon
Era 100 👍

The sound is totaly fsntastic and the bass tho nicee

Era 300
Ronald Choong
ERA 300

Reuben has been very helpful and informative to help me out for the best deal I can get. The ERA 300 sound is fantastic

Era Line-In Adapter
Brandon Tham
Super effective in audio connection speed

I happened to connect my era 300 thru Airplay and Bluetooth but i experienced bad low latency in audio connection. But using this line in..solved the problem..i can get 99.9% instant audio connection speed via using Era300. Thanks for it.

Mike Ellsworth
Awesome Sound

Bought the Five to replace the old Play5. What a difference in sound. Love it. Buy it!

Era 300
Yuan Woei
Fantastic sound quality

Pair of ERA300 is the perfect sound theatre watching movies with Arc and Sub-woofer

Minor III
Dinesh Kumar
Minor iii

Been using Marshall products quite a while. The recent one i got minor iii which is perfect for me day to day use. No ANC but still good no complaints so far. Thanks TC Acoustic for the service. Apppreciate👍

Sonny Hu
Sonos move

Pairs perfectly with my Sonos arc. The Sonos Move is easily portable and provides solid sound . The battery life is pretty good around 11+ hours of non stop play. The sonos app is a must for independent control if you own numerous sonos products which can all be paired together for multi room sound. I use my Move for mostly outdoor listening on the balcony . Perfect for Singapore’s warm and humid weather the housing of the speaker is not cheap plastic and can withstand the hot out door conditions.

Awesome purchase

The speaker is marvellous and I am extremely happy with the purchase.

Emberton II
Robin Tan
Emberton II

Very good sound quality and great bass output

Px8 McLaren Edition
Razali Khan
Great Experience

Had a great time with the sales guys giving great inputs on their products. Excellent job.

Great portable speaker

Super fun to use, compact and sounds good. perfect to pack for a trip

Beam Wall Mount
L8 Infrastructure Solutions Pte Ltd
Beam Wall Mount

Easy to Install. good for Beam

Best wireless headphones I’ve owned!!

Bought the Px7 S2 Black recently and it’s so good! Firstly the sound quality is amazing!! Secondly, the Noise Cancellation is super good as well and I can’t hear any background sound when I’m on the bus and MRT! Thirdly, it is so comfortable!! Best purchase yet!!