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Sonos Arc
Sonos Arc

Easy to set up. Wireless connections work perfectly. Greatly improved sound of my TV program.

Great product

Easy to install, great product of good quality.

Sonos Arc

Cool Plaque for the desk

Got this free with purchases made. Thanks TCA for making this available for multiple purchases. The plaque is simple stick-on type rather than engraving for the logos and wordings.

PS: Still waiting for the customized message that I have requested..

Speed of Sound

Never found a better pair of earbuds than this. Its sporty, slick, comfortable, durable, adaptable and has an amazing sound quality! Love the transparency mode feature and the moisture removal from the case as well...even the wireless charger provides so much convenience to charging the earbuds! Everything about this earbud was well thought, designed and packed!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for sports earbuds! :)

Marshall Emberton truely Rocks

Such a ‘loud’ sound coming from a small speaker. I loike. Princess thought it was from a big sound system. My go to small speaker from now on.

Marshall Emberton

Small size but tough, great on Sound especially the Bass, its Great & Good Buy

Superb Wifi Speaker

Always support Sonos speaker since day one that i knew from Sonos Play 1. Thanks.

All-in-one earbuds

It fits so well and sounds so clear, even when I use it to run. The design is sleek and the case is stylish.

Excellent on calls and love the transparency mode where I can stay safe while crossing roads. Best earphones I have used!

Fantastic TWS Earphones

Delivery was smooth, and the earphones are available to be used immediately
Sound quality is amazing and the fit and isolation was perfect. They gave 6 different sizes of earbuds to try.
Colour and build quality is great as well, it became a bit addictive to open and close the case

Sonos Arc

TC Acoustic was very speedy with their delivery and replies when i inquired about the product. When I was looking to purchase a Sonos Arc, TC Acoustic was the first that came to my mind as I ordered a Sonos Playbar and Sub from them before and for sure I knew that they will deliver great salesmanship and service. The Sonos 5.0 set with Arc and One I ordered was very easy to set up and I cannot recommend TC Acoustic enough for the great service, once again, thank you guys!

Great sound in a beautifully designed form

Super satisifed with my purchase. Previously, I had to settle for "thin" sounding in-built speakers from my LG TV which lacked any depth or "fullness". Was considering between a few brands, and decided on the SONOS Arc for not just its design and sound quality, but the ease of set up and adding speakers to the ecosystem within my home.

Ease of use

I like it how it is so easy to connect to my exsting Sonos network. However i do not know how to connect it to my TV for now.

Perfect Addition!

Love the stands. Great quality which complements the overall look & perfect height which enhances the surround sound aspect. One of my greatest accessory buy! Thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I love these earbuds!
Sound is AMAZING
Very deep bass
I know others have said the earbuds are too bass heavy. But with the app you can fix that easily.
Ear tips in all sizes to get the PERFECT FIT!
I use the Medium tip in one ear and the small plus in the other, this creates the PERFECT SEAL on both ears. Having that perfect seal is imperative or the sound will be lackluster and bass nonexistent. This is the only earbuds that offer the in-between ear-tip sizes and it is the most considerate thing ever since people have such varying ear sizes.
I love the case design and toughness. Being able to take it on a hike or to the lake with out being overprotective is great.

Marshall Mode EQ

The most exciting feature is the customisable sound which can be done through the remote. In addition to that, the sound from this driver is also plesant to hear and thanks to the tangle-free cord. Satisfied with this model and i will give a 5 star for this model.

Urbanears Luma

The sound from the Urbanears Luma is fascinating and the dual microphone works perfectly. The most interesting feature is wear-detect sensors which i love the most. Overall 5 star rating.

Review for stockwell 2

I love the light weight and youthful design of this speaker. Sound is OK at this price tag.

Sonos shell

Is a bit overpriced but the design is very sleek...

Really impressive bookshelf speakers

I chose the R-51PM over the R-41PM to get just that extra power, and I'm really happy that I did. It's well worth the price. I can really sit at the other end of my living room from where I've placed the speakers, and the sound remains as clear as if I were sitting right in front of them - only a little softer in volume, but still as detailed. I have these speakers connected to my turntable for my vinyl listening enjoyment, and I also use the Bluetooth feature to play music from my phone or iPad. Both features work seamlessly and it's super easy to toggle between them. I have no regrets.

Great product

The oval ear tips are very comfortable. Wire over neck and perfect fitting gives a great feeling and not dropping out easily.

Earpiece Protector in Bundle Pack

Along with the earbuds, there is also earpiece protector in the bundle pack - consisting different sizes for the ear fit (e.g. medium, small, xsmall) so consumers can choose their right comfortable size.

Love the wireless charger as well =D

Best Earphone Ever

Wore it to run 10km, no drop outs, no disruption to signal. Rock solid connectivity and battery life. Best earphone for long distance runs

Best earbuds!

I will give A+ for this earbuds. Very comfortable on my ear. Thank you TC acoustic for fast delivery! I will recommend to friends. 👌🏼

Blasting Beam

The beam has been a great addition to my room together with my 2 sonos one's it gives a nice full and rich sound. Even at high volume the beam does not shy away from the extreme clarity that it has.