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Updates to our rewards program

If you were previously on our sister site's rewards program, we bring you good news: we've upgraded it and migrated it over to our new Friends of TC Loyalty Program!

To orientate you, we've prepared a list of questions and answers that might help you better understand our new program.

  • What's different about this rewards program?
    You will now be able to redeem your points and use them on not just Sonos products, but also the rest of the brands that TC Acoustic Singapore carries!
  • Will I lose my points earned in the new system?
    Don't worry - your points were not lost! We have converted your points and migrated them over to the the new system.

    > In the new system, every $100 spent earns you $3 credit point to be used on your next purchase.

    As such, we converted whatever remaining or existing points you had on the previous system with the above exchange rate as well.

    To give an example:
    If you had 1000 points in the old system as a result of spending $1000, they would be converted to $20 credit points in this new system.
  • How do I access my points?
    Simple! Just create an account here on using the same email you used on

    Then click the rewards tab on the right side of the site to access the Friends of TC Rewards app, where you can check your points and redeem them!