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Sonos Era 300 Stand (x2)

  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)
  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)

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  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)
  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)
  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)
  • TC Acoustic Sonos - Era 300 Stand (Pair)

Sonos Era 300 Stand (x2)

Designed by Sonos for Era 300, this set of two speaker stands allows you to optimise your home theatre surrounds or stereo pair set up.



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  • Holds speaker at ear level for the best seated listening experience (not adjustable)

  • Reduces reflections and minimises vibration 

  • Allows access to all ports and controls

  • Screws securely fasten speaker to stands

  • Weighted base enhances stability 

  • Pole features built-in track to neatly route and conceal power cable 

  • Height: 37.64 in (956mm) 

    Weight: 10.36 Ib (4.7 kg) each

  • Colour and finish matched to feel like a seamless extension of the speaker

  • Inside the box

    2 speaker stands, 8 screws, 2 washers and documention

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Darren Ng
A Class of its own.

Sleek and classy,it compliments Era 300 with its round base and easily fit to any living space. Happy with my purchase.

Dexter Tang
Minimalist & Sturdy Stand

Seamless ease of installation and minimalist looking stand for new Era 300. The overall theatrical experience is fantastic !

Nee Yew Tan
Era 300 stands

Slick stands that are made to hide only the power cable. If you intend to use Ethernet cable connection, it will be left dangling.

Patrick Lee
Era 300 + stand completes the sound and look

I bought the Era 300 as rear speakers for the Arc. They create a much more immersive experience than just having the Arc alone.

It is necessary to bring the speakers to the ear height for optimal sound effect. I tried. The Sonos stand is not height adjustable, but it works and the design is sleek.

Note that the power cable is not that long after running through the stand. I have to use a cable extension.

Wow that's a great setup Patrick. Adding Era 300 as surrounds really completing the best Dolby Atmos setup you can get from Sonos.
Thanks for the feedback and sharing the tips of using a cable extension ;)

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