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3 Things to consider before buying speakers for your store

3 Things to consider before buying speakers for your store

Imagine this with me. I’ve just opened my very own store. Preparation wise, I'm there. My business model, values, motto everything is set in place. However, there’s just one thing, what sound do I want in my store. I’m not talking about the type of music. That’s easy. Just pick a playlist on Spotify and you’ll be on your way.  I’m talking about the quality of your music. The way your music sounds can easily turn a stranger to a regular. It  sets the atmosphere. Depending on what you want to achieve through your music, it can only be accomplished if complemented by good sound. 

In this blog, you’ll find a commercial sound system with not just quality sound but is also the solution to some of your needs as a new store owner. Let’s take off! 

The Ultimate Commercial Sound System

So, what is this life changing, next level, ultimate commercial sound system? Well, it is no other than Sonos! You may not realise it - but Sonos speakers are all around you! Our speakers can be found in fitness studios like Anytime Fitness, or yoga studios along Chinatown. After your morning workout, you might fancy a coffee at Huggs Coffee, Lola’s Cafe, or Kith Cafe Millenia Walk. Surprise! Sonos has been behind the scenes soundtracking your day! 

In fact, we’ve been crowdsourcing for Sonos spots in SG. If you ever spot us in the wild, tag us @tcacoustic on Instagram! 

3 Questions store owners have about buying speakers

Question 1: How does music affect my store?

Answer: The pandemic has changed how people shop. Post-pandemic season, people prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes and opt for delivery services. What makes stores stand out as an option are things that can’t be delivered, the intangibles. The atmosphere, the vibes, which are influenced by music. Music really elevates the ambiance. It brings people together. In fact, Brilliant Sound Survey showed that participants who listened to music had a significant positive impact on different areas of their lives.

“Our study shows that listening to music out loud can lead to more happiness. After music was introduced in the home, 43% of participants reported feeling extremely loved, an 87% increase from before there was music at home.” Music Makes It Home Study (commissioned by Sonos and Apple Music), 2016

Question 2: You mean good music can increase customer retention? 

Answer: In my humble opinion, yes it can. Music plays a vital role in shaping customer perceptions and experiences, from how long they stay to what they order, to how they perceive your restaurant, all of which determines whether they return 🙊. However, the type of music is one thing, the quality is another. Studies have shown that the effects of music are amplified when the music sounds good. 

If you’re opening a cafe, productivity music matters! “The notion that listening to music can help us focus and be more productive isn’t exactly breaking news. But would you believe that music is more potent than coffee? Sixty-seven percent of listeners say exactly that, according to the Brilliant Sound Survey. And just as many say music helps spark new ideas when they’re feeling stuck.” A productive space is bound to attract regulars. 

Question 3: So why Sonos over other brands? 

Answer: Well, I personally believe that Sonos is able to give you good, quality music, and it has the results to prove it! Sonos prides itself on providing premium sound. They have one of the best-in-class acoustics and state of the art software. It provides excellent sound that is emotionally immersive as well. Sonos' sound has been fine-tuned by top-tier music producers, such as Manny Marroquin (Rihanna, John Mayer) , Tom Elmhirst (Adele), Chris Jenkins (Mad Max: Fury Road) for being able to maintain the emotional intent of their work. It adapts and gives your customers the best sounding music wherever it is placed. Providing the quality dining experience that your customers are looking for! 

Bonus Question: Which products should I consider?

One more thing that makes Sonos a great fit for stores – you can control your music with ease! All it takes is one app to stream wirelessly to all your speakers. Sounds like something you’d like? Here are the 2 products that would be great for your store. (There are plenty more, but I leave that to you to go and explore our store if you have more considerations!)

The first one is Sonos in-ceiling speakers - If it’s before renovation and you’re looking for 100% seamless speakers, you might want to opt for in-ceiling speakers. Sonos In-ceiling speakers are the epitome of sleek design. You are literally able to fit them anywhere! Its sound is also on another level. However, just to add, I suggest you get the In-ceiling set consisting of the Sonos Amp as that is what is going to give you this feature called Trueplay 😁. What this feature does is that It analyzes the layout of the room as well as any acoustic factors that may affect the sound, and adjusts to play the best sound possible.Truly, elevating your sound experience. Although you do need contractors to set this up, our staff in our store is able to assist you in that. They are more than capable, having a reputation of successfully helping several people in setting up their own in-ceiling speakers. 

Sonos In-ceiling set

Sonos White In-ceiling Speakers set and Amp

The second one is Sonos Era 100 - Let’s say your store is already built or you’re on a tighter budget, place an Era 100 anywhere. It’s compact and can fit on most counter surfaces (i.e. at your bar counter, or reception). Don’t doubt its smaller size though! The Era 100 offers crisp vocals and powerful bass. With its built-in amp, it packs room-filling sound with the same Trueplay technology. Whether you mount it up in a corner, or place it at your counter, this option gives you the flexibility to get one first and connect more in the future as your store expands!

Sonos Era 100 in kitchen setting

White Sonos Era 100

Settle all your queries here

Have more queries? I’ve got you covered. Learn the ABCs of Sonos here! Still unsure? Experience it yourself! Visit our audio experts at our Flagship Store for a free consultation for your space. Book an appointment today.

Our flagship store is located at The Adelphi (Opp Funan Mall), 1 Coleman St, #01-17 S179803.

You can also book a demo to our upcoming Sonos flagship store, Wheelock store, to find out more about Sonos.

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