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Your 2020 Holiday Audio Gift Guide

Your 2020 Holiday Audio Gift Guide
With just a few days to go, we've streamlined all you need to know to shop for the people around you. Let's get right into it! 

For the Fashionable

Consistently ahead of the curve and the epitome of chic, Fashionable Fanny is notoriously difficult to shop for. Enter this curated collection, including audio products that blend both tech and style together. These finds are guaranteed to be welcome additions to her carefully cultivated home (we all wish we could have).

Our pick: The perfect earpiece to complement her style, comes in ahead-of-the-trend colours.

Worth a splurge: A stylish speaker that adds a vintage touch to their rooms, expressing their inner rock 'n' roll soul.

For the Jetsetters

For those who spend more time on the go than they do in their home, these picks are built to last as they go about their journeys, clocking their Spotify minutes.

Our pick: A sleek addition to their personal tech.

Worth a splurge: What might be the most weather- and life-proof earbuds we’ve ever seen. 

For the Workaholic

The multitasker is a force to behold. She checks off her to-do list with aplomb, she keeps every piece of paper (and digital file!) expertly organized, and her calendar is a color-coded beauty. Here, find everything you need to help her stay on task and on trend.

Our pick: A speaker that deserves a place on top of the desk with a curated Google routine for her work days.

Worth a splurge: An all-in-one soundbar that can keep up with the multi-tasking

Shopping for a sporty, techy or an audiophile friend instead? Head over to our Christmas Gift Quiz guide for recommendations now.