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Life at TC

“Best customer service” – says every TC customer ever!

“Best customer service” – says every TC customer ever!

For its excellent customer service, TC Acoustic was recognised in Singapore’s Best Customer Service survey by The Straits Times and research firm Statista.

TC Acoustic on The Straits Times
A full-page print coverage on The Straits Times of the survey and TC Acoustic’s results.

How companies are chosen and ranked

The ranking for Singapore's Best Customer Service 2022/2023 was based on the results of an anonymous online survey commissioned by The Straits Times in partnership with global data firm Statista.

The survey covered more than 1,600 retailers and service providers across 93 categories, including food, beauty and digital products.

More than 4,700 respondents took part in the survey and over 44,000 evaluations of customer service were collected.


TC Acoustic ranked Number 1 with a near-perfect score of 9.9

Among the biggest service-industry giants, such as Apple and Hyatt, TC Acoustic topped the charts for Singapore's Best Customer Service.


Results table of The Straits Times and Statista’s Singapore Best Customer Service 2022/2023 Survey
Results table of The Straits Times and Statista’s Singapore Best Customer Service 2022/2023 Survey


For more details, read more at The Straits Times: Local audio company TC Acoustic tops ranking of S'pore's best customer service providers


What our customers say about us

A scroll through our almost-2,400 Google reviews page reveals nothing but praise for our staff:

A google review of TC Acoustic's live chat experience
A customer’s Google Review about her experience on TC Acoustic's Live Chat

One lady asked a live chat representative if she was part of the family that owned the company. She was amazed at how empowered they were to fulfil her requests – be it a query on promo codes or something more complicated such as changing an order. The interesting thing? Employees aren’t related at all, but that’s just how empowered each employee is at TC Acoustic.

A customer’s review about a TC Acoustic employee who went the extra mile

A customer’s review about a TC Acoustic employee who went the extra mile


Another woman gushes about how after she had incorrectly filled in her phone number, a staff member had diligently spent hours dialling several different permutations just to try and contact her about her purchase.

And the list goes on: Staff members patiently spending hours helping customers audition dozens of products, personally arranging odd-hour deliveries, or enlisting the help of other staff to troubleshoot issues.


“In TC, we don’t just sell products, we serve happiness.”


“When the staff are happy working for TC, it naturally flows into how they serve customers,” Mr Honegger points out. “Our staff culture is Servant Leadership. They are empowered leaders who serve happiness to customers.”

Read more at The Straits Times: Top customer service provider TC Acoustic empowers staff to override the fine print

How are our customers so happy

When we say we aim to be Everyone’s Favourite Company, we truly mean everyone. How do we do that you ask? 

The answer is simple – 

People above profit, relationships above revenue.

At TC Acoustic, we care for people. 

That’s just how this ship is run. And caring for people starts first and foremost with the staff.

 TC Acoustic team staff photo
For the TC Acoustic team, caring for people starts with its staff.

By cultivating an environment in which caring becomes part of the everyday, staff are then motivated to pass this on to the customers.

With the coverage on the papers, it has been a humbling experience to receive the love and appreciation of our customers. 

This recognition is only possible because of the frontline employees who are committed to continue to Serve Happiness. THANK YOU!

Now that you’ve heard from our customers, hear what our employees have to say about TC Acoustic. 

Read about how TC Acoustic is a certified Great Place To Work™: