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Why do audio products make the best gifts? 

Why do audio products make the best gifts? 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No time like December to express how grateful you are for your loved ones. The struggle is finding that one thoughtful, yet practical gift that makes them go ‘awww, you shouldn’t have’.

We’ve got your answer – quality audio for their music! 

According to the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI)’s music listening trends report, it finds that the average person spends close to 18 hours a week listening to music. This means 2.6 hours every day, or the equivalent of listening to 52 three-minute songs. (The full 17-page report for 2019 is available here.)

Yet, how many of those around you are still using the default earphones that come with their phones? Here are some everyday situations that make a whole lot of sense to have quality audio products.

Getting a gift for a teen? As they travel to school every day, they’re bound to be jamming to their favourite songs along the way. Every. Single. Day. A good sounding, comfortable pair of earphones go a long way. With the hours spent studying in noisy cafes, comfort is key. Bid goodbye to mildly-infuriating ear tips of the wrong size. Plus, they’ll be reminded of you each time they’re wowed by how good their songs sound.

The same goes for your friend who’s working remotely this season too. Owning a pair of fuss-free true wireless earphones makes a whole lot of difference in the multiple video conference calls. These days some earphones even come with 4 microphones (2 on each ear) so that your voice picks up crystal clear even in noisy environments. 

Audio products can also make you the favourite niece/nephew among your relatives. With a good home speaker system, each time your aunts or uncles pop by your place. They’ll be welcomed by your chill, relaxing jazz playlist. Though they might not remember the conversations you had in your house that day, they'll surely  remember how they felt warm and close to your family. But here’s the kicker, you then get them the speakers for their home too! 

With that said, there’s no denying that speakers or headphones make awesomely practical gifts for the loved ones around you. Be sure to get gifts for family and friends early, and avoid encountering the perfect gift – only to realise, it’s sold out. 

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