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3 Home theatre tricks for late-night movies and more

3 Home theatre tricks for late-night movies and more

There's something about watching movies late at night. Complete immersion. No distractions. But that's not to say a sudden boom from an intense scene wouldn't wake your sleeping family. Here's 3 tips to minimise the noise and maximise the sound for your late-night flicks.



1. Activate Night Sound

Phew, the kids have finally gone to sleep. Having the right sound bar can help make sure they don't wake up from your late night movie.

Night Sound is a feature that can be utilised on any Sonos sound bar to suppress loud noises from TV or film, whilst heightening the vocals and quieter sounds so that the audience still gets a rich viewing experience.

This bass suppression will reduce sound leakage to neighbouring rooms by as much as 50%, allowing you to continue watching your favourite action movie or TV show guilt-free.

It’s easy to turn Night Sound within the Sonos App. Simply select the room you want to activate this feature in and click on the toggle icon that looks like a crescent moon.

To turn Night Sound back off, just tap the toggle icon again.

Similarly Klipsch sound bars have this feature known as Night Mode instead.

View our sound bars with night mode available. 


2. Enhance the vocals

Our sound bars can be a great companion to those who struggle to hear certain voices or conversations on the TV.

Rather than turning on the subtitles, you can activate Speech Enhancement on your Sonos sound bar, or Dialogue Mode on Klipsch sound bars.

This will increase the sound coming out of the central speaker that is used to reproduce the vocal output from your TV.

You can activate Speech Enhancement in a similar way to the Night Sound feature. For Sonos, select the room with your sound bar in and tap the toggle icon that looks like a speech bubble.

For Klipsch, just tap the corresponding button on your sound bar's remote control.


3. Set a maximum volume limit

With Sonos, it’s possible to create a maximum volume limit for each of the speakers in your home.

This limit can be unique to each speaker and can help busy parents avoid being woken up by their children playing loud music early in the morning or late at night!


Bonus Tip: Set a Sleep Timer to stop your music after you've fallen asleep

Swipe up in the Sonos app to open the Now Playing Screen> Click on the three dots next to the name of the song you are playing > Click on Sleep Timer at the bottom of the menu> Select the amount of time you want your music to last



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