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3 Ideas for a CNY That Isn’t Boring

3 Ideas for a CNY That Isn’t Boring
Think this Chinese New Year’s going to feel the same as it did in 2021? Think again. Spending time with distant relatives doesn't have to mean repeating conversations every year. We’ve got 3 ideas to cut through the ice and make room for the warm festivities.


1. Wake up the silent home 

Nothing makes your guests feel more awkward than a quiet house. (Maybe that’s why Chinese traditions say the louder the new year festivities, the luckier the year will be.) 

Play the right songs to set the right atmosphere at home for your relatives. Switch up the playlists for different groups of 5.

For the Traditional Festive Songs: LINK
This one's for the aunts and uncles you've known your whole life. Nothing else will ignite their nostalgia like these classics.

For the ones who love KTV: LINK
Jam out with your cousins and burst into song in-between conversations with these all-time hits.

For laid-back lofi CNY songs: LINK
Switch up the loud and festive with this playlist of chill tracks to unwind in-between visits.


Pro-tip: With Sonos speakers, you can set up a Google Assistant routine so you don’t have to go through the process of opening Spotify to that playlist every day for 15 days. Simplay set a command like ‘Hey Google, happy chinese new year’, and let your smart automation take over!


2. Share laughs over games

Whether you’re hosting or visiting, try these games to break the ice! (Don’t worry, we made sure you’ll be traveling light)

Spotify Guess Who
Things Needed: A portable bluetooth speaker and your phone.
  • Start a Spotify playlist (or Youtube Playlist if that’s how you roll), and get everyone to add songs.
  • Play the playlist on shuffle as you chat, and every time the songs change, you guess who added the songs into the playlist.
We tried this ourselves too, and it’s a great game to share memories and meaningful song lyrics. Not to mention, the older and younger generations can have space for their songs to be played at home too!

Hum off 
Things needed: A good pair of headphones and your phone.
It’s after a very fulfilling reunion dinner. A food coma is starting to set in for everyone. Here’s one to get everyone off the couch and laughing.


Paper towel race
So, your family’s the competitive kind. We got you! Nothing like a little friendly competition to get everyone riled up for the new year.

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3. Get creative with your OOTDs

We’re no experts in poses, but what we do know is that playing music out loud eases tensions. Get the creative juices flowing and bring along one of our portable speakers with you to get inspired for your next shot for the gram!

Review of Marshall Emberton


If that isn't enough to loosen you up, put on a pair of earphones! Get immersed in your favourite song and feel like the main lead in a movie. You’re bound to nail your shot this way too!

Go get roaring this new year!

It’s hard to explain how speakers sound with words. You need to hear it for yourself. Book a demo for free to get a listen and you’ll understand when we aren’t exaggerating when we say that these speakers are key in transforming your home this CNY.

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