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How to design your home office set up

How to design your home office set up

Maybe you’ve always associated your home with relaxation, entertainment, and fun. It’s hard to stay focused in an environment like that, especially when you really need to get some work done.  

That’s why you should have your own personalised home office that helps function as a divider between entertainment and work.

Is designing a home office seemingly too much work? We’ve done the research for you, so check out these 5 tips on setting up your own personalised work space at home.

  1. Finding the productive color
  2. Where you place your desk matters
  3. Ergonomics is important!
  4. Having a clean desk
  5. Adding your own flavour

1. Finding the productive color

Colours influence our mood, emotions and our productivity. You don’t have to be hung up on having white walls, but you can vary the ideal colours of your home office according to the different struggles you face at work or the nature of your work.

Marshall Stanmore in olive green home office

According to colour therapy, white gives off serene vibes, blue promotes calm, yellow is associated with cheerfulness, purple is known to boost creativity, while green is said to improve reading ability. So now you know what colour to drape your work space in, according to the kind of work you’re doing and even the kind of mood you want to be in while working.

But if you aren't going to repaint your walls anytime, opt to color coordinate your table! Get accessories that suit the aesthetic of your table. And if you're looking for a quality speaker to help you boost productivity, we've got you covered. The Marshall Emberton is a quality speaker that comes in many different hues to match your vibrant workspace. From forest green, cream and black and brass, you've got plenty of options. Or you could go for the original. They all look amazing anyway.

Marshall Emberton in Cream

2. Where you place your desk matters

The position of your desk in the room itself is also really important. That’s because the varying lighting and even the openness of the room space is key in boosting your productivity accordingly.

You need to consider the lighting - how much natural light do you want? Or would you prefer more ambient light? You could also consider the amount of light you want on your work desk specifically - get a table lamp!

Lamp on work desk

If you have trouble staying awake while working into the night (we all know that feeling), try using daylight bulbs! They are known to make you feel more awake and alert.

And if you’re working during the day but find the sun too glaring at certain points of the day, try installing blinds so that you can adjust the light quality and quantity.

Openness of room space
Some of us like to work in cozy corners, surrounded by the homely embrace of trinkets, photo frames and pillows galore. Some, however, may find the plethora of items around them rather distracting and would prefer working in a more open space.

Minimalistic cream-themed work space

If you’re looking for a more cosy, intimate working area, you could transform your storage room into a home office. However if you prefer a more open space with less distractions, you can opt for the living room.

A perfect work-from-home speaker would be the Sonos Move - whether you’re in a cozy corner or in an open space, it certainly sounds amazing. Due to its Automatic Trueplay feature, it automatically tunes its sound according to the acoustics of the environment it’s placed in. And it’s portable! So bring it from room to room, and you get good music wherever you go.

Sonos Move next to crayons on desk

3. Ergonomics is important!

You can’t be productive if you aren’t comfortable. Invest in comfortable and quality furniture such as chairs with back support, adjustable height and the right angle of inclination. You don’t want a terrible back ache after 6 hours of back to back zoom calls!

Ergonomic chair next to desk

This also means that you should invest in a sturdy work table. Recently, tables with adjustable height options have become more and more common! (And for good reason too). Or maybe, you’d prefer a classic, sturdy, wooden table that adds to your room’s aesthetics.

Talking about ergonomics, the Sonos Roam is a speaker that has a lightweight design makes it easy to handle and allows it to fit well in any workspace. With a small stature just about the size of a coke can, it’s comfortable to hold. And don’t be fooled by its small size. It has an astounding, room-filling sound.

4. Having a clean desk

A cluttered desk is a huge distraction! Even if your aesthetic isn’t minimalistic, a clean desk reduces stress and helps you stay organised and focused.

If you have many documents and papers, you could always opt to add shelving and storage options so that you can store and file these documents neatly.

And if you want good quality speakers that don’t take up too much space, you can opt for the Klipsch R-41PM bookshelf speakers - powered speakers that provide you with high quality audio for both wireless and wired inputs.

Sonos One speakers next to computer desktop

Sonos One adds beautiful sound to your clean workspace without the clutter of wires

5. Adding your own flavour

Your workspace should feel professional, but never feel too cold and clinical.

Add your own flavour to your home office!

Whether it’s photo frames of your loved ones, souvenirs from your favourite place or a speaker that suits your room, go ahead and decorate your place to make it feel like it’s truly your own.

The Marshall Acton II is the perfect speaker to add some personality to your set up. With analogue knobs that allow you to fine tune its sound, it is highly customisable. It also has the iconic Marshall design that gives your room a classy, retro vibe.

Marshall Acton II

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